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Praised by reviewers and readers alike, Discovering Your Temple Insights includes rich information and a practical framework that will help and inspire every reader to learn more from the temple. Whether you are a new or an experienced member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, this book will help you improve your ability to gain your own personal temple insights and connect with your Savior in His house. Shipping now.

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“The beauty of this book is that it helped me contemplate the powerful nature of the Temple and why the Lord wants me to go there. The Temple is a building of light and goodness that I love learning more about. Let the words of Aaron and Julie Bujnowski inspire you to go to the Temple and feel closer to the Savior as you learn His ways and ponder the covenant path in your life. I know that you will feel lifted as you read these words about the Temple. Your love for your family will deepen because of your desire to learn more about the Lord’s sacred house.”

Chad Lewis

Former NFL tight end for the Philadelphia Eagles and St. Louis Rams and author of Surround Yourself With Greatness

A Prophetic Invitation:
Learn for yourself from the Savior in His temple

Russell M. Nelson

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“The temple lies at the center of strengthening our faith and spiritual fortitude because the Savior and His doctrine are the very heart of the temple. Everything taught in the temple, through instruction and through the Spirit, increases our understanding of Jesus Christ.

“He is the One who wants you to understand with great clarity exactly what you are making covenants to do. He is the One who wants you to experience fully His sacred ordinances. He wants you to comprehend your privileges, promises, and responsibilities. He wants you to have spiritual insights and awakenings you’ve never had before. This He desires for all temple patrons, no matter where they live. …

“To each of you who has made temple covenants, I plead with you to seek prayerfully and consistently—to understand temple covenants and ordinances. Spiritual doors will open. You will learn how to part the veil between heaven and earth, how to ask for God’s angels to attend you, and how better to receive direction from heaven. Your diligent efforts to do so will reinforce and strengthen your spiritual foundation.”

(Russel M. Nelson, "The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation," Conference Report, Oct. 2021)

Discovering Your Temple Insights is written to be a guide and workbook to help you learn from the Savior in the temple.


Discovering Your Temple Insights has two major sections: (1) The Patterns and Purposes of Temples and  (2) Understanding and Applying Temple Doctrine and Principles.

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Temple Patterns and Purposes

Learn about the temple to understand how we are taught and why the temple exists.

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Temple Doctrine

Learn from the temple to understand truth and know how to apply it in our lives.

Temple Insights Blog:

Let's learn from each other how the temple helps connect us to the Savior in our everyday lives.

What are your insights and experiences?

Leading Saints to the Temple

We recently wrote a piece for Leading Saints. Click here if you are a leader who wants to help people get more from their temple worship. 

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Subscriber Materials

The Discovering Your Temple Insights subscriber page contains free materials to help you on your journey to discover your temple insights. Membership is free!

Process for Discovering Your Temple Insights

Preparing for Your Endowment.png

Preparing for Your Endowment

Understanding Symbolism

Understanding Ceremony

Basic Temple Doctrine and Covenants.png

Basic Temple Doctrine and Covenants


Temple Prep Classes

We realize that many want to more effectively prepare individuals who are going to the temple for the first time. We arranged the materials on our site into a set of five temple prep classes. These materials can be used by ward leaders to enhance materials currently available for this important instruction. 

Watch an interview with the authors as they talk about their book.

Listen, Learn, & Love Podcast

Listen to our interview with Richard Ostler, host of the Listen, Learn, and Love Podcast as we share concepts from our book.


Latter-day Disciples Podcast

Listen to our interview with Meghan Farner, host of the Latter-day Disciples Podcast as we talk about worshiping and learning in the temple.


Saints Unscripted

Saints Unscripted 2.jpeg

Watch our interview with Kaitlyn Fotheringham at Saints Unscripted as we share our perspectives on the temple.

Help for Loving Relationships Podcast

Listen to our interview with Shane Adamson, LCSW, host of the Help for Loving Relationships Podcast, as we talk about how faith strengthens our relationships.

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