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Finding Rest in Christ and His Temple

Just like my body aches to be in bed after a tiring day, my spirit longs for rest from the things that burden my soul. It’s often difficult to find that spiritual resting place in the ordinary course of my daily life. However, it is becoming abundantly clear that I can consistently find the power, comfort, rest, and inspiration I desperately need when I attend the temple. It is my sure place of spiritual rest!

At this moment in my life, I can’t seem to make it through any week as well without filling my spiritual cup in the Lord’s house. So, I try to go as often as possible. The last time I went to the temple, burdened with many worries and troubles, I felt a perceptible weight drop off my shoulders once I walked through the doors. The peace of the environment with the temple’s beautiful depictions of Christ, patrons carrying smiles, and quiet surroundings was exactly what I hadn’t had for weeks.

The daily minutia of life is tough! Caring for four children every day and eight kids every other weekend when my blended family comes together, keeping my home organized, and running two businesses are only some of my regular responsibilities. In all this busy routine, my mind can become weighed down, distracted, irritated, and worried with the burden of my daily duties. I suppose every person can feel this same way at times. But, when my eyes are fixed on my Savior as I enter His home, I can see things with a better perspective. Oh, how I long to keep and renew that eternal perspective. As I am writing this post, I ache to go today!

I haven’t always felt this passionate about the temple. In the past, I often went because I knew that being there was what Heavenly Father wanted me to do. So, in an obligatory way, I went, but I didn’t always find the peace and rest I craved because of my attitude. But true to the prophet’s words, as I have made an effort to worship at the temple regularly and authentically, I have found that the temple has become a place of peace, protection, joy, and safety. Of course, it has taken time to get to this point, but it has been worth the journey!

So, be patient as you seek that same confirmation of peace in your temple worship. If you are willing, your effort in going as often as possible will be all the Savior needs. He is waiting to meet you there and is longing to bless you. So, go, even if your attendance initially happens just because you know it is where you should be. Eventually, you will come to understand that the temple is a place where you want to be. Then, over time, you will notice a difference that will bring you all the blessings you seek.

Like me, you will find your burdens distanced and your Savior close. You will find your rest, just like I find mine!

Lanay began taking photographs 18 years ago as references for her oil paintings. When she chose to leave full-time employment to start her family, it was just natural to move to start taking family portraits. Her favorite thing is to create a fun, open atmosphere that puts people at ease. She loves the challenge of taking the most reluctant subject and capturing incredible images they cherish for life. You can find Lanay at

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